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Y1 was founded by Chris and Tom from their University dorm back in 2012 with aspirations to become the world’s first carbon neutral Hockey brand. Fast forward over a decade, Y1 is not only carbon neutral but an adventurous, young, and successful global Hockey brand.  

Y1 on sustainability

One of Y1’s core values is sustainability. Whilst passionate about growing the game, they aim to do it in a sustainable way. Y1 is the world’s first carbon neutral Hockey brand and the proud supporters of Carbon Tanzania.

Carbon Tanzania is a carbon offsetting project in Africa and a social enterprise addressing deforestation and forest degradation. 

What does carbon neutral mean?

Being carbon neutral means the greenhouse gases produced are not greater than the amount you remove from the atmosphere. Simply, your emissions are reduced or compensated for elsewhere. 

Y1 is continuing to reduce their emissions by using recyclable packaging, as well as solar energy to power their factories. 

The 23/24 African Range

HFS Sport is delighted to be launching Y1 on with their brand new 23/24 African range #ReiventTheGame 

After travelling to Ghana, Africa to donate sticks to communities with a lack of access to equipment, Y1 was inspired by the ‘mud cloth’ art technique in Ghana. The 23/24 range showcases the amazing art and culture of Africa across the sticks and accessories. 

Check out some of the X sticks, made with the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technology. 


Y1 Athletes

Y1 also sponsors athletes across the globe, including US players Megan Valzonis and Meredith Sholder