Obo Cloud Body Armor

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• Similar to the ROBO Body Armour but designed to fit the budget of a club or high school player.
• Body hugging rib and lower abdomen protection.
• Lightweight, allowing for easy movement of arms.
• Designed to reflect the protection needs and movements of a field goalie.
• The chest and arms are separate and the arms can be adjusted at both the upper arm and forearm for a perfect fit.
• Detachable sleeves.
• Colors available: Black/Orange
• Available in sizes: S – L

Size Guide:
Fingertip to Armpit: 24″-27″ | Length: 15.75″
Fingertip to Armpit: 27″-30″ | Length: 16.5″
Fingertip to Armpit: 30″-33″ | Length: 18.5″