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adidas FTX24 Carbon Field Hockey Stick - Grey - 2018

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Carbon/Pink/ Raw Steel

This women's field hockey stick is made to enhance 3D dribbling and powerful play. An ultra-strong CARBONPLATE layer offers increased hitting power, while reinforced impact areas absorb shock and energize passes. The specific 45° layup reduces vibrations, without diminishing power. The XXTREME - 24MM CURVE AT 200MM shaft shape is a low bow profile and is the perfect stick shape for accurate powerful shots and absolute ball control while you dribble. The 3D Head lets you easily pick up the ball, adding an extra level of creativity to your dribbling and 3D skills. The 90% CARBON + CARBONPLATE + 45° LAYUP offers the highest degree of stiffness. The Carbonplate further improves the stiffness of the stick, resulting in ultimate hitting power. For a softer touch, the 45° layup reduces vibrations.